History of Certification

The Institute For Dunham Technique Certification was organized in 1994. The Institute was created after ten dancers who had attended the Dunham Technique Seminar for over ten years were invited to pursue certification by Katherine Dunham and Dr. Albirda Rose. These dancers were the first to be certified using this model. With the approval of Miss Dunham and under the leadership of Dr. Albirda Rose, the Certification Board started to develop a Certification Process. This process has been formulated to train expert teachers of the Dunham Technique.

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The Process

Dancers who meet the requirements (view these requirements) for candidacy come to their first Dunham Teacher Certification Workshop as potential candidates. During this week certified instructors observe and work with each potential candidate to determine if the dancer is ready for candidacy. Each potential candidate will have an interview during the workshop. To be considered, a candidate must already be an established professional as a performer, choreographer or dance educator. The interested candidate (usually with a letter of recommendation from a certified Dunham instructor or a mentor) speaks with a group of certified instructors to assess if the candidate is ready to begin the process. In a relaxed setting, the candidate discusses his or her reasons for seeking the certification, past and current dance achievements and aspirations, personal philosophy, past Dunham study, etc. In this interview the candidate will also be invited to ask questions about the process. It is not necessary to prepare for this interview. If the Certification Board decides that it is an appropriate time for the candidate to begin the certification process the candidate will be invited to the next step of the process. If the board deems that it is not the right time for the candidate to officially begin, the reasons and suggestions will be fully discussed with the candidate.

Specific requirements of the Dunham Technique Certification process

Certification Workshops

Once on the path to certification, the candidate must participate in Dunham Teacher Certification Workshops. These workshops are for the development, training, and assessing of candidates for certification. As a part of the Workshop classes are offered in Dunham Technique, Dunham History and Philosophy, and Pedagogy.

Each candidate must demonstrate an understanding of the Dunham Technique as a dancer and as a teacher. Finally, each candidate must complete a passing written exam.

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